Our Company

Our Objective:

  • Production of quality Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Printed & other Knit Garments, both tops and bottoms.
  • Selling Knit Fabrics

Knittex Industries Ltd.'s promises are not only for the products and quality but they are also known for taking responsibility for their business. This means:

  • Knittex Industries Ltd. is trying to create a better environment, better social and working conditions in the country and has acquired internationally recognized social compliance certifications.
  • Knittex Industries Ltd. business principles are sound, and we care about today's and tomorrow's environment.

Our factory is a state of the art production facility with knitting, dyeing, finishing, knit manufacturing and printing sections, all situated in one premise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a prominent entity in the growing RMG sector of Bangladesh, Fuljhury group strongly believes in the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. As a part of that, the group has ensured a work environment which is respectful of the essential rights and safety of the workers providing the necessary facilities and meeting international standards. This includes dining halls, prayer areas, childcare area, health and safety equipment and much more in order to ensure a fully internationally compliant working atmosphere. The group also thrives continuously towards making their manufacturing workflow environmentally friendly which includes minimised wastage, an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP,) steam recovery system and much more.

The group is also committed to the general welfare of the society, participating in various social activities for the common good of the under-privileged. Through the Nurjahan-Salam Foundation (NSF), Fuljhury Group aims to create a platform to support the destitute. Moreover, the group is also determined to provide necessary shelter and education to poor and orphan children through Hakro Shishu Niketon while providing free healthcare facilities through the Babar Ullah Fakir Free Clinic and a free kindergarten school (BFKG). Fuljhury takes part in these activities and many more as means of aiding the society and upholding its responsibilities as a corporate group.

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Name of Companies

  • Knittex Industries Ltd.: 100% Export Oriented Composite Knit Garments (Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing, Printing & Garments).
  • Fuljhury Spinning Mills Ltd. (under construction): 100% cotton knit yarn production.

Board of Directors

  • Mrs. Shireen Shamsun Nahar
  • Md. Asadul Haq
    Managing Director
  • M. Ehsanul Haq
  • Md. Riajul Haq